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I ♥ Spring 2014

Dec 3 - Christine Bennett

Dec 4 - Patti Leeke

Dec 5 - Yvonne Walker

Dec 6 - Tamara Stewart

Dec 7- Linda Hunt

Dec 8 - Susan Jensen

Dec 9 - Stephanie Alton

Dec 10 - Sara Rayner

psst...the information on how you can have a chance to win a FREE PASS is in the emails I send :)

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Our Mission Statement:
To respect and honor the Stampin’ Up! Statement of the Heart and Eight Core Principles.

To share our passion, worldwide, of Stampin’ Up! through creative Stamping, Scrapping and Home Décor projects in our online classes.

To assist ALL Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators who join us, to build and strengthen their customer/demo relationships by providing fun, creative and affordable online classes to share.

To seek out crafters across our respective countries, who have never been given the opportunity to experience Stampin’ Up! products.

To seek out crafters, who for whatever reason, have become disconnected with Stampin’ Up! and would like to enjoy Stampin’ Up! once again.

To provide opportunities for every Dream Team, Creative Crew Girl, Grand Guest Designer and Guest Designer member to learn, share and grow through UStamp with Dawn & Friends!!


NO SOLICTING: We have a very strict “No Soliciting” policy that will be enforced without exception. At no time during Chats or any other UStamp with Dawn & Friends!! activity is anyone permitted to post your email address, web address, blog address or phone #. Any violations of this policy will result in immediate removal from the event.




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I am adding another element of FUN to the Early Bird Pricing this time around!! UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! Wrapping Up the Holidays 2013!! is NOW OPEN for Early Bird Registration of ONLY $19.99 to the FIRST 250 paying members!! Early Bird Pricing is now closed.

Thanks to all the Early Birds that joined us!! The regular pricing is now available for only $24.98!!

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We will be sharing

40+ Project Suites between

Dec 1st and Dec 14th...Don't Miss It!! 

The Early Bird Pricing is not the only thing I decided to mix up a bit this round!! Here is what all that will look like, but before we get to the changes, let's chat real quick about the things you LOVE about UStamp with Dawn and Friends that will remain the same.

1. Everyone WORLD WIDE is welcome to join us for FREE!! Invite all your friends...the more the merrier!!

2. I will continue to add FREE Projects with FREE PDF's!! I know YOU love FREE and so do I!! 

3. Our Member Photo Gallery will continue to grow and insprire...YEP!! Still free!!

4. Best of the Best PDF's offerings will continue to grow, each at only $3.95

5. UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! themed events will continue to be the VERY BEST VALUE ON THE PLANET with 40+ Project Suites for Early Bird Pricing of just $19.99 or Regular Pricing of $24.99.

6. The most Talented Artisans call UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! their CREATIVE HOME!! Each and every Artisan is carefully selected and works hard to bring you the very best Project Suites!!

7. UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! is tons and tons of creative fun!! Always has been, always will be!! NO Drama allowed here!!

Here is some of what is new/exciting/changing...

1. Wrapping Up The Holidays 2013 will be a paid access event using the "Wrapping Up The Holidays" Tab. Why am I adding a TAB to this website and not creating a new website like I have always done?? Well, Ning - who provides the website service - "upgraded" except the "upgrade" feels more like a "downgrade" since they took lots of functionality away that we need for UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! I tried the "upgraded system" for KO Punches and  way too many paying members were not able to immediately access the website. It was frustrating for the members and TONS of work for me to get everyone access. To ensure a smooth sign up process I created  the new easier TAB event access  :)

2. ONLY the Lead Photos for Wrapping Up the Holidays 2013 will be shared on the FREE side of the website. ALL the Color Combo's, PDF's, Templates and Private Videos will only be available to paying members.

3. ALL the Project Suites will be under ONE SINGLE post so you can easily scroll through everything that has been posted, instead of having to go into each post individually. The newest Projects Suite will always be at the top.  

4. LIVE Event Chats will now be held only on the FREE side of the website. Again the more the merrier. I will continue to give away chat prizes, but more often than not, the prize question will involve information found on one of the event Project Suite PDF's which will only be accessible to event paid members. 

5. The Designer's LOVE when you comment on their Project Suites!! I mean who doesn't feel great when others let us know they appreciate our creative work, right?? Right!! Since I will be sharing all the Lead Photo's on the FREE side of the website, free site members and paid site members will both have the opportunity to gush over the Project Suites in the comment area below each Lead Pic. 

6. Wrapping Up The Holidays 2013 Opening Day is Dec 1st and the last Project Suite will be posted on Dec 14th. I have shortened up the length of time Wrapping Up The Holidays runs to 14 days (instead of the usual 20) and will be posting 2, 3, sometimes 4 Project Suites a day!! We will have a whopping 42 Project Suites posted by Dec 14th

7. I am once again on the hunt for talented artisans around the world!! It is always so fun to be able to offer someone the UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! Design Opportunity and watch them grow in so many wonderful ways as a Design Team Member!! If you are dreaming of a chance to design, contact me directly to let me know where I can check out your creative genius. NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator to design :)

So there you have it!! Lots of the things we love staying the same, while exciting changes are happening enhancing the already awesome UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! Experience!!

Wishing YOU The Very Happiest of Holidays!!


p.s. Take a peek at the pic below...Yep...It's an Early Bonus Project Suite that is HO!! HO!! Cute!! The PDF Tutorial is waiting for all paid members of Wrapping Up The Holidays. 












Creative Inspiration

World Class Artisan Projects

Live Chats with Creative Crafters 

 Prizes!! Prizes!! Prizes and more Prizes!!

Easy to follow PDF downloads that are available 24/7

A Fantastic VALUE for 20+ Projects shared for 10 days!!  

Crafting on YOUR time, at YOUR pace, in YOUR space, YOUR way

 Opportunities to share YOUR creative genius & maybe even be asked to be a designer 

then u need 2

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Join us for ONLY $14.99!!









UStamp with Dawn and Friends!!

Knock Out Punches 2013


Opening Day is November 1st.

Any questions please call/text me @ 201-618-5630

or email me at inkeruptildawn@yahoo.com 


Hope to "see" you over at Knock Out Punches!!


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AMAZING Project Suites are waiting for YOU!! 
Get a jump on your Holiday Crafting and Gift Giving!! Heating Up The Holidays Project Suites are HOT HOT HOT!!
  If you missed the AWESOME Cards with Cool Moves 2013 and Big Shot Round Up 2013...NO Worries!!  Membership and the Project Suites are waiting for you...come join us!! 

Tell your friends about us!! UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! is THE B*E*S*T VALUE on the Planet!! World Wide 24/7 CREATIVE FUN FOR EVERYONE

IMPORTANT Shopping Information

Did you know that you have a unique and wonderful opportunity to be able to purchase all the Stampin' Up! products that we will showcase for you??!!


Stampin' Up! has it all


Don't you just LOVE that convenience of being able to get all your FAVES in one place??!! Sure beats wasting precious crafting time searching the internet or waiting on long lines. Stampin' Up! has everything we are using to create our projects!! There will be a few exceptions, if any, for our friends outside of the USA and Canada, but other Stampin' Up! Product can be easily substituted. No worries!!


UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! is a "non-compete" safe place for all of us to enjoy the creativity of the finest Stampin' Up! Papercrafting. WE ALL LOVE WHAT WE DO, so please enjoy the projects we share and continue to support YOUR Demonstrator!!




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